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Born in California but at home anywhere in the World. Japan offers that strong foundation of heritage that should be everyones’ birthright.

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One of the toughest parts to explain about a suikinkutsu, without hearing it in person, is the quality or type of noise that it makes.

In the west we are used to making water features that create a noise that drown out the sounds of a nearby road or neighbor’s dog. Many of these types of white noise have pumps that are moving a fair amount of water in an attempt to mask something undesirable.

   -The suikinkutsu is the exact opposite of this type of sound.-

What comes from under your feet is a meditative sound which is very pleasing to hear and a bit of a surprise especially if you are not prepared for it. Easy to ignore and walk on by, but if you take the time you are drawn to learn the source of this music and to ponder its origin.

It becomes an integral part of the garden more akin to the wind in the leaves or the birdsong from the branches. I like to think that I can almost watch the moss grow while listening to this music.            十人十色


Certainly not a white noise